Suck on a unicorn.

Save the planet.


In these post Rona times, we need to think hard about what we put in our mouths. And the straws and glasses at cafes, bars and your mate Dave's place are likely to carry gremlins - even when they’ve been washed. 

Side note: Gremlins are assholes, we know from experience. The 1984 documentary didn’t show the half of it.

So always use protection. BYO UnicornCock™ straw and wrap your lips around some clean and shiny unicorn D. Each time you do, one less plastic straw ends up in our oceans, or in landfill. Plus your liquids will taste a little more magical, filtered through the purest of shafts.


Our donated unicorn schlongs are processed into magical metal straws with a unique rainbow patina.

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