Shipping & Delivery

As you probably know, Covid has been cockblocking Australia Post all year, and it’s only getting worse as all the extra Chrissy pressies are coming in hot. Pam, our gal at Aus Post, tells us there could be delays with orders arriving as fast as they normally would. So please take this into account if you’re shopping for xmas.

We’re trying to hack the system with a bit of Express Post action, so look for it as a shipping option at Checkout. Express shipping is FREE for any orders over $50.

Meanwhile, we’ve got our Centaur interns packing orders as fast as their little human hands can go. It’s times like these we unicorns could really go an opposable thumb or two.

Shipping costs

Shipping is FREE for all orders within Australia. Oi Oi Oi.

International shipping costs vary and are calculated at checkout.

Delivery times

We know you’re keen to start sucking on a UnicornCock™. It’s for our planet after all. Our stock is all here in Oz, so Australian orders should arrive in around 2 - 5 business days. If you don’t receive your package package after 7 business days, write us an angry email at

International orders could take up to a few weeks - particularly now that Covid is cockblocking us at every turn. We don't have too much control over international shipping delays right now, but if it's been a ridonk amount of time, please reach out and we'll try our best to get your sorted.