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  • #304 food grade stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cleaning brush included (100% unicorn pubes)
  • Organic cotton sack included



Rockefeller Jones is an actor/model/influencer/leather jacket owner, with a less than average IMDb profile and higher than average DUI count. 

He’s appeared in dozens of critically-attended films, including The Last Unicorn (1982), The Little Unicorn (2002) and Nico the Unicorn (1998), as Nico, obviously.

His band, My Little Phony, enjoyed chart success in 1998 with their emo punk single, Immortality Sux, reaching 99 on the US Billboard charts, before being bumped out of the Top 100 by a house remix of a chihuahua with whooping cough.

Beyond his life on set and stage, Jones is a passionate environmental activist and vegan committed to eradicating our reliance on single-use plastics and telling people he’s a vegan.

Jones cites a TMZ article calling him ‘washed-up’ as the inspiration for UnicornCocks™.

“I was walking along Venice Beach in slow motion and saw how much plastic had ‘washed up’ on the shore. I realised that my straight to DVD action movie with the octo-babies wasn’t the real tragedy. This was.”

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